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Episode 22  NYFIKEN/CURIOUS podcast published November 7, 2022


Nye Noter, October 5-31, 2022 at Astrid Noacks Atelier

  • Nye Noter revolves around the becoming of Muitalus Sámiid Birra, a book from 1910 and the first book ever written in Sami by a Sami (published with an atlas of lithographically reproduced hand drawn plates). Taking place in Copenhagen in 2022, the exhibition is genuinely concerned with asymmetric collaborative relationships. What is at stake, however, is precisely explored through the relationship between the Danish female painter Emilie Demant Hatt (1873-1958) and the Sami wolf hunter who became an author, Johan Turi (1854-1936), who collaborated to create Muitalus Sámiid Birra.

Recorded live conversations on Soundcloud:

As part of Nye Noter, the art historian, Mathias Danbolt, artist and researcher, Imri Sandstrøm, curator Lisa Rosendahl and historian Mads Sørensen, have been invited to (per)form part of the exhibition’s architecture. In seeking new notes, I consider my live conversations with these practitioners and scholars equally to be situations of presentation and production. Two of the conversations are available as audio recordings:

  • On October 5 I talked with art historian at the University of Copenhagen, Mathias Danbolt, assuming that he could help me to better understand the role, function and significance of Muitalus Sámiid Birra. For my part, I only got to know of the book through my somewhat accidental encounter with Emilie Demant Hatt’s visual sketches in the archives of Skive Museum in 2017. [click here]
  • On October 27 I talked with curator Lisa Rosendahl, professor at Kunsthøgskolan in Oslo, Norway. I assumed that she could help me to better understand the role of contemporary curation in relation to artistic practicing upon terrains with colonial history for visual production in the Arctic. Thus, I was interested in Rosendahl's role as curator of the GIBCA biennale in Gothenburg in 2019 and 2021, in the position of which she critically negotiated and navigated the celebration of the city of Gothenburg's 400 anniversary. [click here


Honeycomb Image / Archive Cladding (collaboration with Tinne Zenner) at Uppsala korttfilmfestival, October 24-30, 2022


VÆRKSTED FOR ÆSTETIKs samtaler om praksis 1: Eva la Cour og Jonas Georg Christensen i Verster Vov Vov, 30. august 2022