LETTERS FROM AN EXPEDITION is a side-effect of an unrealized idea of a film. In 2012 I went to Brussels to make a film. But in the end I made an exhibition with the title “The Imaginative Logic Of Discovery”. It was inspired by residues linked to the first Danish scientific northern light expedition to Iceland in 1899-1900.
After the opening of the exhibition I received an email from Akureyri Museum interested in a copy of what they thought was an ‘Aurora Film’. In response I decided to explore the relationship between four letters written by Dan la Cour - my grand-grandfather - during the Danish northern lights expedition in 1899-1900, and my own attempt to make a film during my stay in Brussels.
Letters From an Expedition was part of the annual SIC screening program 2013 at Beursschouwburg in Brussels (BE), as well as it was exhibited at Poul la Cour Museet in Askov (DK, 2013) in conjunction with the installation Film-sculpture - eight frames
HD-video. Duration: 20 min.