Work-in-progress (digitally printed publication).

AUTOPIA is a project in the format of an exhibition catalogue. The Autopia catalogue discusses the oeuvre of the Belgian artist on the basis of my interview with the artist in Brussels, spring 2015.
The catalogue also contains image-representations from the Autopia exhibition and information on the Museum, as well as text contributions by selected writers from Denmark and Belgium. I will present the catalogue at Overgaden in 2015.

From the webpage:

“Autopia was the name of the third exhibition in the COMMON GROUNDS series at display at the Museum, ultimo 2014. As in the case of the two previous exhibitions, Autopia sought to explore the notion of ‘the common’ by inviting an individual practitioner. In this case the Belgian artist. Covering both sections of the Museum, Autopia presented 13 of her artworks, spanning from photography and film to display and installation works.
In addition, following the ideas behind the COMMON GROUNDS series of the Museum, a second visual artist is invited to curate/edit the official catalogue on the exhibition. In the case of Autopia, Eva la Cour is the editor in chief.”

The images below are representations of display aesthetic scenographies produced for the catalogue in my private apartment in Copenhagen, 2014-2015.