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Documentation shots CompoSite at Odradek, 2015

A 16mm film, support polls, digital prints, acrylic plates and a mesh banner (200cmx170cm) painted with video paint (chroma key green) paint.

CompoSite juxtaposes pictoresquevisions of authenticity in urban space with narratives of the High Arctic and the 20th century phantasmagoric medium of film. The architecture of the exhibition, supported by scaffolding components, draws attention to a construction site next to the gallery and thereby to the architectural trend known as facadisme: In architecture, this is when a building is demolished and rebuilt from within whie the exterior of the building is preserved. I like to think of this specialized practice as a preservation of a shared layer of reference allowing a reading of the temporal space of the city as much as a reading of the facade as a compounded visual plane. A composite. As a spatial montage, CompoSite explores the relationship between the facade as raw material and the city as scenery.

Link: Odradek

Link to publication: CompoSite

CompoSite/Delvist Tribal

Documentation shots (and films stills) from Delvist Tribal at Sydhavn Station, 2015

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Link: Sydhavn Station

Video link: Composite/De-composited (digitalized 16mm film)

Video link: Composite/De-composited (digital version for digital projection)

The Free Review at ARTTRA GALLERY

Stills from The Free Review (two channels video) at ARTTRA GALLERY, 2015

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