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Autopia (an exhibition by XX)

Pre-studies for a Film

Documentation shots from ARGOS Center for Arts and Media, 2015

More   l   Link: ARGOS Center for Arts and Media

Video link: Pre-studies for a Film (single screen version, 19:00 min)

The Hellenes: A Camera-Choreographical

Appropriation of Der Rechte Weg

Documentation shots from Disapperaing Acts, LIAF, 2015

More   l   Link: Lofoten International Art Festival

Video link (excerpt of 51:18 min): The Hellenes...


Documentation shots from CompoSite at Odradek, 2015

More   l   Link: Odradek

Link to publication: CompoSite

Delvist Tribal

Documentation shots (and films stills) from Delvist Tribal at Sydhavn Station, 2015

More   l   Link: Sydhavn Station

More Images/press: and

Video link: Composite/De-composited (digitalized 16mm film)

The Free Review at ARTTRA GALLERY

Stills from The Free Review #4 (two channel video), 2015