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Anticipating the Past at Tacit or Loud, 2014

The lecture addresses Pyramiden – a former Swedish but now Russian settlement on Svalbard (NO). From a fictitious future perspective, the lecture examines ideas, values and aspirations characterizing Pyramiden. From this perspective Svalbard is understood as an archipelago of local, self-sufficient, experimental communities consistent with eco-cosmopolitan notions of planetary sustainable citizenship. From the position of the lecturer, the presentation thus guides a ‘looking back’ at the current state of emergency in the Arctic with a mix of romanticism, humor, criticism and absurdity. The visual material projected and narrated within the framework of the lecture is carefully yet idiosyncratically selected and structured. The project is based on conversations and recordings realized in collaboration with tour guides in Longyearbyen and Pyramiden on Svalbard. The performance lecture was performed at Pavillion #2, Hellerup (DK), at the international interdisciplinary conference Arctic Modernities at UIT, Tromsø, and at Tacit or Loud: Where Is the Knowledge in Art?, an international symposium at Inter Arts

Center, Malmö.

Link: Tacit or Loud: Where is the knowledge in art? Symposium and festival for artistic research

Link: Inter Arts Center, Malmø


Anticipating the Past at Arctic Modernities conference, 2014

Slide show at the Arctic Modernities conference, Tromsø, 2014


Anticipating the Past at Pavillion #2, 2013

Documentation shot at Pavillion #2, Hellerup, DK