A Hyposthetical Administration


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A Hypothetical Administration

Video still from 'Otto Melchior - The Missing Clerk'
Video Still from 'Otto Melchior- The Missing Clerk'

Installation shots, Unauthorized, Inter Arts Center Malmø.

Mixed media, variable dimensions, 2012.

A Hypothetical Administration (#3) was produced for Unauthorized at Inter Arts Center, Malmö, SE. The piece consists of a monitor and a display case. The monitor showed the video piece The Missing Clerk – About the Communist Otto Melchior, a guided documentation video of a fictitious exhibition on the life of Otto Melchior. The display case showed Otto Melchior’s just as idiosyncratic (hand-drawn) ‘zines’ from 1918-1921.

A Hypothetical Administration is part of a series (1-4) of display aesthetic installation works, dealing with the life and practice of Otto Melchior (1904-1945). The point of departure is more than 80 handmade issues of three different zine productions from 1918-1922 written by the young Otto Melchior: Kvik (Quick), 1918-1920, Verdens Ekko (World Echo), 1920-1921 and Den Frie Revy (The Free Review), 1921-1922. During these years Otto Melchior formed his political identity, and later he joined the Communist Party in Denmark. During WWll, however, he was expelled from the party, and he died as a result of his stay in a concentration camp in 1945.