What is the role of authorization within artistic practices of self-organization and publishing? And how does such efforts relate to, as well as alter their articulation, when confronted with institutional inscription and initiation?

Unauthorized was an group-exhibition that had to do with artistic production, research and autonomy. The four contributions were each referring to a system of production, ordering and circulation, as exemplified by the historical case of mail art, self-publishing and personal collections. These were displayed through and around a reconstruction of George Nelson's Struc-tube display system, a light transportable module produced for trade for exhibitions in the 1950s.

The works and objects was presented in the form of the eccentric archive, with internal and perhaps uncertain rules, that may or may not go against official cultural policy, while at the same time shedding light on the very processes of collecting and exhibiting: the exhibition as a mode of address. The exhibition is thus a site for both presentation and representation, where forms of display are interwoven with the discursive formation of marginalia and authority, not least in the sense of a politics of autonomy in the act of self-instituting.

Unauthorized was organized by Simon Sheikh, at Inter Arts Center, Malmø (SE) in 2012.

(external link: www.kopenhagen.dk)