Solo-exhibition at the artist run exhibition space W-O-L-K-E, 45 Rue du Canal, 1000 Brussels, BE.

As one spatial montage occupying the entire exhibition space, The Imaginative Logic of Discovery is a configuration of installation works based on an idea for a film:

  • A film about a Danish northern lights expedition to Akureyri in Iceland, 1899-1900. Here the physicist Dan la Cour tried to document the invisible rays of the northern lights while the painter Harald Moltke attempted to paint the colours and shapes of the northern lights, as this was beyond the limits of photography. In the film, this material leads to other sources addressing questions about light and documentation.

  • A film about the Danish author Leif Hjernøe's novel 'Romanen om Vitus Berring' (The novel about Vitus Berring, 1972). Here Leif Hjernøe composed a novel that he considered a sculptural book. The book consisted of five different parallel layers of information juxtaposed in such a way that the material all together addressed questions of sequencing, truth and writing of history. For the film this structure leads to questions about time and mediation.

(external link: W-O-L-K-E)